World Diabetes Day

After nearly two years of lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions, it seems fitting that this year's theme for World Diabetes Day is 'Access to Diabetes Care'.

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in working age Australians, yet vision loss can be prevented with regular eye checks and early treatment.

Which is why across Australia and New Zealand, the eye health industry is working collaboratively to ensure access to care, leveraging technology to improve detection and supporting initiatives such as KeepSight to encourage and remind those patients living with diabetes to have regular eye checks.

In recognition of World Diabetes Day, this month we talk to the optometry team at Specsavers Keilor Downs who registered the milestone 200,000th Specsavers patient to KeepSight and find out how they support their patients living with diabetes. We also share pioneering research from CERA and stories from a patient with diabetes whose life was saved thanks to an eye check.

Providing seamless care to patients living with diabetes

Timeline April 2019
When KeepSight was launched, Specsavers aimed to register 200,000 patients within the first two years.

We speak to the team at the Specsavers Keilor Downs store who made the 200,000th registration to better understand just how valuable the program is, and how they provide seamless care to their patients living with diabetes.

CERA: Preserving sight in pregnancy

Pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes are vulnerable to diabetic retinopathy which can cause severe vision loss or blindness if untreated.

CERA researcher Dr Felicia Widyaputri and her PhD supervisor, Associate Professor Lyndell Lim, are hoping their project will improve early detection.

WATCH: Encouraging regular eye checks

This World Diabetes Day, Specsavers is encouraging all people living with diabetes to have regular eye checks. Hear more from optometrists and patients about just how important regular eye care is.

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