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World Diabetes Day

This World Diabetes Day, Specsavers is encouraging all people living with diabetes to have regular eye checks.

Case Study: Doug Perkins Medal Australian winner – supporting the community through COVID

The metrics used to determine this year’s Australian and New Zealand winners of the Doug Perkins Medal - which recognises the highest standards of...

WGC 2021: Glaucoma detection by optometrists is linked to accessibility of eyecare

Analysing data from Specsavers 345 Australian practices in 2020, Specsavers submitted an e-poster to this year's World Glaucoma E-Congress of the World Glaucoma Association, looking at when access to routine optometric care is restricted, the early detection of glaucoma is greatly inhibited, potentially leading to otherwise avoidable blindness.

A focus on diabetes: the positive impact on patient health outcomes

Specsavers is committed to reducing vision loss in people with diabetes by improving timely access to eyecare, collaborative patient engagement strategies, leveraging technology to support best practice care and appropriate referral.

Referrals and classification of patients with diabetes

Specsavers is committed to reducing vision loss in people with diabetes by improving timely detection of diabetic retinopathy and access to the collaborative eyecare ecosystem, while also using our data to shed light on patient care within that ecosystem.

Specsavers Diabetes Action Plan

Early detection and timely treatment can prevent the majority of diabetes-related vision loss. Which is why as a founding partner of KeepSight, Specsavers has...

KeepSight – improving health outcomes for patients with diabetes

In 2018, the Australian Government provided funding for a new national diabetes eye screening program, KeepSight, an Australian-first initiative to help in the fight...

The impact of KeepSight on recall rates – two years on

Why focus on recall response rates? Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in Australia, yet most vision loss can be prevented with regular eye...

Celebrating five years of OCT

2021 marks five years since Specsavers first piloted the use of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) in its optometric practices. Beginning with a pilot The pilot had...

CASE STUDY: Specsavers’ approach to hiring graduate optometrists

A critical aspect of Transforming Eye Health is Specsavers’ approach to assisting optometrists in their transition from university to practice. The Specsavers Graduate Program is...