Adapted from an article written by Dr Joseph Paul, Head of Professional Services, Specsavers Australia New Zealand, for Optometry Connection July issue.

As seen in the graph below, Specsavers has progressively increased its registration rates to KeepSight over the past 3 years, its optometrists now making more than 20,000 registrations per month (both initial enrolments and follow up visits).

The steady increase in patient volume and percentage of registrations is testament to the systematic approach of developing and integrating KeepSight into Specsavers’ standard processes and supporting optometrists to use those processes through education and training.

This began at the end of 2018, when changes were made to Specsavers’ practice management software that allowed optometrists to track patients more easily with diabetes to provide baseline data. From here, Specsavers integrated Oculo and then the KeepSight portal directly with Specsavers’ patient management system to make registering patients to KeepSight simpler for optometrists.

A month-by-month comparison of registrations to KeepSight as seen in the chart below highlights the increased rates of first-time registrations over the past 3 years, with the impact of COVID-19 visible in the first half of 2020. In addition, Specsavers’ data shows a steady increase in return patients as indicated by the total number of first-time and re-registered patients.

These technology and systems changes have been critical in building a strong registration rate onto KeepSight, with clear increases in registrations seen in July 2019 (after Oculo integration) and in September 2020 (after practice management software integration). The continuing increase in patient registrations has shown the benefit of streamlining technological processes when creating a sustainable and consistent model for preventing vision loss in people with diabetes.