WATCH: Raising public awareness

The Australian Government’s National Eye Health Framework states that raising general public awareness about eye health is the first line of defence in reducing the risk of avoidable blindness and vision loss. Among other activity, it recommends targeted communication activities and opportunistic health promotion activities to raise public awareness about the risk factors for eye disease.
Like other eye health providers and industry bodies, Specsavers invests millions of dollars each year across Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness of eye health through above and below the line marketing and public relations campaigns.
It commissions research annually to identify trends in knowledge and behaviour.
While different communications have been targeted to different audiences, all communications have been aimed at increasing public awareness of the importance of having regular eye tests.
In addition to working with key industry bodies to develop positive communications, Specsavers actively supports the various eye health awareness days and campaigns to highlight the importance of having regular eye tests and the potential risks of not prioritising your eye health.